Organic Cosmetics – A Selftest


Is the philosophy of ‚Less is More‘ true?

With a conscience to do better and to life a live as ethically and sustainably as possible, in all aspects of my life, I was looking for clean and healthy cosmetic options. To start my ‚eco-friendlier project I thought to try washing my hair without nasty chemicals and instead using environmentally friendly products.

With nasty chemicals I mean for example parabens. They are widely used as a preservative and can also cause skin irritation in some cases and there is SLS (sodium laurel sulphate). It’s commonly used because it’s cheap and has the ability to foam up when mixed with a bit of salt. You can find it in a lot of other personal care products as well, including toothpaste, hand and body soaps, bubble baths and facial cleansers.

So whether you have sensitive skin or allergies (luckily I never had allergies on my skin), are concerned over harsh chemicals, or just want to help the planet (which was my biggest drive) you should give organic cosmetics a try.


I started with using Amla oil from khadi. It stimulates hair grow and prevents hair loss. I use it as a pre-wash conditioning treatment and leave it for around an hour on my scalp and hair. For the next step I use the khadi color paste middle blond. It’s a soft tint coloration and brings volume and a radiant shine into your hair (my hair gets just lightly colored, but if you just want to use it as a treatment you can use Senna Cassia color paste). You should arrange some time for this step. You can leave the paste in your hair form 15 minutes up to 60 minutes, depending on the intensity of the treatment and color. An easy explanation how to mix the powder comes along with the box.


First impressions

After the first procedure my hair was knotty and felt dulled. Without washing it for two more days  (a recommendation from khadi) I was looking forward to brushing it and it was surprisingly easy! Without ‘harsh chemicals‘ like sulfate and parabens – the stuff that lather up the washing process, brushing takes much longer than before but its definitely worth it!

Switching to a greener and more eco-conscious way of life seems like a daunting and confusing task at first, but once you take the leap you won’t go back. I don’t want to lie, the beginning was tough. The positive effect came (my personal experience) after one month. My hair is thicker and has a nice shine and it feels much stronger. I do this paste-treatment every month and in between I wash my hair with thyme shampoo from Manna. The smell is amazing and it leaves your hair feeling brilliantly soft and looking remarkably shiny. I have a tendency to oily hair, but this product doesn’t weighted down my hair. 


Once a week, I’m also using a deep treatment for my ends from Oma Gertrude. I leave it over night. I’m really in love with product. 


Be patient with yourself. Your hair and body need time to adapt to the new ingredients which are all vegan, certified as nature products and not testet on animals.

Now I’m a natural lifestyle lover.💚


Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

I chose and payed all products by my own. No sponsoring.

Want to know what I do for oil hair? Stick around for my next article. I’ll show you a great recipe. 

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