When A Yogi Steps On A BJJ Mat

When something new awakens the warrior within you.

I tried it and it was amazing! I want more of BJJ! Did you know that BJJ classes are so silent, no? Me neither until I entered my first class at the BJJ & Yoga Festival Mallorca. Around 20 guys where fighting with complicated movements on the ground… totally in silence. Guys, I’ve done you wrong. I thought BJJ would be loud and full of testosterone. Nope, at least to the loudness. So I became curious and decided to visit one of the classes.

Joe Notebeart – founder of the BJJ & Yoga Festival and black belt holder. Joe is a 2X World Champion winning gold at purple and brown belt in the masters featherweight category in 2013, 2017. He also won gold in the European Championships in Gi 2013 and No-GI in 2012 purple belt feather weight.

There I was, with my yoga mat under my arm wearing my warrior bra, ready to learn all the techniques and movements from the wise BJJ instructors. But I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the right place yet. What if I break my neck? How will I feel if a sweaty guy lies on top of me? 

Jack & Joe, the founder of the festival taught me in the first beginner class everything about history and the first important moves. A handle here and a kick there and my partner felt on the ground. Wow.. that was easy! But the most important thing was, I felt strong even if I’m a tiny person. This martial art showed me, that I have a realistic change to bring a much stronger person on the ground and that feels super good!

Me, Instructor Jack Colver (who holds a brown belt and is a RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Teacher) and Joe Notebeart. (Fotocredit for all the pics in this post: Berenice Seiss)

For this reason the visit was already a complete success for me. From that day on I almost took every course until the end of the festival. Different instructors taught me different techniques. Thankfully I had a great partner to train with on my side. Female warrior and Yogi Berenice was immediately enthusiastic about BJJ training too.

Female Power Class with Spain’s first female black belt Lilo Asensi

Everyone was very patient and open to show me the moves again and again. The atmosphere was splendid and I caught the silent BJJ vibes. Every day I felt soreness in other parts of my body what made me realise again that our body is a marvellous thing. Did you know that – if you doing it right – a person can pass out for a few seconds just by squeezing an aorta with your muscle of a knee joint? I was – and still am – heavily impressed that small movements make such a big impact.


But next to all the techniques and body movements I learned something else, very important: Leave your ego off the mat! With all the BJJ skills you’re definitely able to hurt your competitor immensely. So in other words, get your shit together before you get on the mat.

This huge guy with a well trained body fully covered with tattoos stepped next to me on the mat after a BJJ class and said: Let’s go to yoga. I need to calm my mind right now.


And that’s the proof: BJJ & Yoga complements perfectly together. Like yin & yang.

To all the Yogis and the rest of the world: mark it big in your calendar:

BJJ & Yoga Festival Mallorca will be back from 13th – 18th October 2020!

Impressions and more infos about the festival are here.

Osss & Namaste!



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