EYP – Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training – My Review

…“Embodiment is a birthright, a wild ride a gentle but (make no mistake) revolutionary adventure of becoming.“ – Mark Walsh 🇬🇧 (German below 👇🏼) My mum would probably reprimand me using the following word but it describes exactly my feelings about my EYP- TT. „It was the most craziest shit I ever did!“…Bam!Yes! A week full„EYP – Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training – My Review“ weiterlesen

Yinspiration Yoga Retreat Ibiza

🌴 Indulge your senses retreat 🌴 June 5th – 8th, 2020 ⎜Ibiza  A 3 day wellness healing program designed to refresh your mind, body and spirit through a combination of yoga sessions and holistic healing food program, infused with the wisdom of the chakras. A concept designed to be at home away from home.   Highlights„Yinspiration Yoga Retreat Ibiza“ weiterlesen

The Effect of Yoga And The Sugar Level

🇬🇧 Nowadays it is almost impossible not to eat sugar. We find that everywhere and especially in festive times we tend to consume even more than we already do. No surprise that the rate of diabetics is increasing worldwide. We all know that physical activity puts a strain on our muscles and can affect our blood„The Effect of Yoga And The Sugar Level“ weiterlesen

When A Yogi Steps On A BJJ Mat

When something new awakens the warrior within you. I tried it and it was amazing! I want more of BJJ! Did you know that BJJ classes are so silent, no? Me neither until I entered my first class at the BJJ & Yoga Festival Mallorca. Around 20 guys where fighting with complicated movements on the„When A Yogi Steps On A BJJ Mat“ weiterlesen

Where Material Art Meets Yoga

6 days of brazilian jiu-jitsu and yoga. From the 14-19th October 2019 Mallorca Island get’s in a material art and yoga mood. Throughout the day and evening you’ll have the opportunity to join seminars and workshops half of which are yoga half of which are bjj. Classes and workshops are presented by teachers from around„Where Material Art Meets Yoga“ weiterlesen

Berlin Yoga Conference – Indulge Your Senses

Anastasia Shevchenko, Yogalehrerin aus Leidenschaft initiiert vom 24.- 26.05.2019 die Berlin Yoga Conference als eine neue Art der nachhaltigen Zusammenkunft. Hier soll langfristig eine neue Tradition kreiert werden, bei der sich Yogis aus der ganzen Welt austauschen, finden, helfen und langfristige Beziehungen aufbauen können. Die Vision: *Lernen & Verbinden *Inspiration für die eigene und berufliche„Berlin Yoga Conference – Indulge Your Senses“ weiterlesen

Yin Yoga Auf Mallorca

Nichts ist schöner, als im Einklang mit der Natur zu atmen. Hier auf der Insel Mallorca funktioniert das besonders gut. Mit der Yin Yoga Methode, die im Gegensatz zu den unterschiedlichen Vinyasa-Flows eine stille und in sich ruhende Methode ist. Die verschiedenen Asanas werden für mehrer Minuten gehalten, wobei die Atmung als Anker für den„Yin Yoga Auf Mallorca“ weiterlesen

Yin vs. Restorative Yoga

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der Schwan- und Taubenpose? Die Hauptunterschiede zwischen Yin und restorativem Yoga sind folgende: Ursprung Yin Yoga hat seine Wurzeln in der TCM, wenngleich auch einige Parallelen in der indischen Yogaphilosophie zu finden sind.  Restoratives Yoga hingegen findet seinen Ursprung in der traditionellen Yogaphilosophie.  Energie Der Energiefluss im Yin Yoga wird„Yin vs. Restorative Yoga“ weiterlesen

Acceptance Is The Essence Of Yin

Three Tattvas – Principles – of Yin Yoga Come into a pose to an appropriate edge Finding your edge means that you are not pushing yourself into any specific shape. Compare to other yoga styles it might take time to respect that. When it comes to finding the own edge think about an insensitive scale„Acceptance Is The Essence Of Yin“ weiterlesen

Yin Yoga And The Benefits For Fascia

„Accepting the things we cannot change is the serenity of Yin.“ What is Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga has its roots in chinese tradition. It’s as well a combination of Hatha Yoga and Taoist Tradition to cultivate a life in harmony with nature.  So the purpose of Yin Yoga is to restore the body to its„Yin Yoga And The Benefits For Fascia“ weiterlesen