About me

About me

I’m Rebekka, a german in her early thirties, currently living on Island de Mallorca who wants to spread her passion for Yoga and her knowledge about Core and Functional Training.

But let’s start from the beginning: 

after finishing my apprenticeship and my bachelor degree in taxation and accounting I used to work for a few years at a german university in a special department for accounting, until 2013 Abu Dhabi was calling!

I quit my job and said goodbye to friends and family and started this new adventure. After enjoying everything new, country, people and nature I faced challenges to create a new daily life.

How the Yoga Journey started:IMG_1969

By coincidence I met a yoga teacher at the beach who invited me for some private
lessons. She told me, that I’d have to change my mindset and to work on my self-empowerment. She stood by my side almost a year and taught me a lot about Yoga.

Especially about Yoga Flows and Yin Yoga. It became  my daily routine and I felt its positive effects. Now I’ve been doing Yoga for 6 years almost every day. During this journey, I met a lot of other yoga people who widen my horizon with new teaching lessons. It’s a never ending journey of motivation, mindset, movements, body calming and gratefulness. In the end, it was the positive effect of Yoga, that gave me back my positive thoughts and the possibility to calm myself, when I’m struggling or I’m stressed about life. It was such a blessing experience to me, that I decided to share these helpful “tools of self-empowerment“ with everyone.

That’s why I decided to become a yoga teacher. My first years of Yoga teacher training I Processed with VSCO with f2 presetgot in Abu Dhabi by my lovely teacher (RTY 500) soul Suzan from Canada. Later, in 2018 I got the change to book a spot a the yin yoga teacher training by the well known RYT 500 teacher Stephanie Arend. And now, here I am, ready to share all my knowledge and the benefits of yoga with you. To give myself and you the best help and new experience.


… and why Functional Training?

Working on self-empowerment means to me as well to strengthen your body in a physical way. A strong body gives me the feeling of wearing a protective armour for my soul and being healthy. I realized how important it is to have a healthy relationship with my body.

Core Work and Functional Training are an important routine for me and I’ve been practicing it for many years.

As a certified Personal Trainer, I would love to share the results of continuous Functional Training with you.

Fascial Fitness: How To Train The Fascial Mobility?

What I do when I’m not on my mat or at core training?

I love climbing. It’s a passion where I can always calm my mind – in a different way like Yoga. You have to think ahead for every next move and after this you have to use your energy wisely to reach the top. Often I’m totally destroyed but happy I made it to the top.

And there is this passion for speed. I call myself a junior cycle lover, because there is nothing better than the feeling of independence. Just with the power of your own muscles you can enjoy the airstream, the nature and just the noise of the tires on the asphalt for hours.

Xx, Love